10 Best Daycare Breakfast Recipes

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and mornings are the busiest time for child care facilities. We searched the internet and put together our favorite breakfast recipes for busy child care providers. These great recipes are healthy, quick, and great for large groups.

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Muffin Pan Frittatas

We love muffin pan frittatas. This portable breakfast, is easy to make ahead of time, and freezes well. You can make 6-12 (depending on pan) muffin pan frittatas in one attempt, and we love that! It’s also really easy to hide all kinds of healthy veggies in these delicious little muffins.

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Breakfast Quesadillas

Breakfast quesadillas are all the rage right now, and ideal for childcare setting. This handheld breakfast can yield 3 servings per quesadilla.

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Sweet Cream Ricotta Cheese Pancakes

These pancakes are a special treat. Ricotta cheese pancakes have a delightful texture and flavor. Mix everything together in one pan, and heat up a griddle. These pancakes will delight the kids in your care.

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Easy Overnight Oats

We love overnight oats because, yup, you guessed it, you can make them ahead of time. This is also a no-cook recipe, and a great change in the spring and summer months. Make overnight oats on Sunday evening, and have one less thing to worry about on busy Monday mornings. Monday’s are always tougher on the kids after all weekend at home. Skip the glass jars for serving.

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Hash brown Breakfast Casserole

Who doesn’t love a good casserole? This hash brown breakfast casserole, is loaded with all the breakfast favorites. For a healthier option, sub turkey or chicken sausage for pork sausage, and use 2% milk. Call them breakfast brownies, serve with a side of fruit, and watch the kids chow them down!

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Impossibly Easy Bacon, Egg and Tot Bake 

Tater tots on a casserole? Now we are talking about toddler nirvana. The tater tots add a fun layer of crunch to this casserole. The kids also love picking the tater tots right off the top. Check out the make ahead recipe, and have this crowd please on hand when a new child is starting in your care.

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English Muffin Breakfast Pizza

Get your sheet pan ready, and make 12 of these English muffin breakfast pizzas in one go. This is a fun breakfast, that kids love. Try multi-grain English muffins for a healthier option. Serve with apple slices, and you’ve got a utensil free meal.

Cucumber and Hummus Toast

Never fear from introducing kids to new flavors. Cucumber and Hummus toast are perfect for warm mornings. Hummus is made from chickpeas, and is a great source of plant based protein. Hummus provides a nice creamy texture against the toast and the cucumber. The kids will love biting into this toast.

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Sheet Pan Sausage and Egg

One pan to feed them all! Let’s face it, mornings are hectic. Kids coming in, others kids needing your attention. That’s why this quick sheet pan recipe is a must try. Save yourself time while still providing the kids in your care with a hot and healthy meal.

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Breakfast Bagel Boats

Gets the kids involved! Have the kids help you fill the bagel boats. The bright and tasty breakfast gets the whole daycare engaged. Bagel boats can be an activity and breakfast. Our recommendation, avoid running a hot over around kids, and get yourself an Air Fryer.

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