Fees, Refunds, and Cancellation Policy

1. On-Demand Fees

Cash or Check

0 Fees

Cash payments not accepted by all providers.

Cash/check payments not protected by cancellation policy.

Receipt automatically generated


Stripe Fees: 2.9% + .30¢ (Paid by parents)

Daycare Owl Fees: 1.5% (paid by parents)

Automated payments protected by cancellation policy.

Receipt automatically generated

2. Recurring Care Fees

Cash or Check

0 Fees

Cash payments not accepted by all providers.

Cash and check payments not guaranteed.

Invoices must be closed to generate receipt.


Stripe Fees: 2.9% + .30¢ (paid by parents)

Refunds not available on recurring spots.

Please refer to daycare contract for cancellation policy.

Receipt automatically generated.

3. Cancellation and refunds

Cancellation is only available for on-demand spots. If a Legal Guardian cancels prior 1 week before the start of a booked appointment, a daycare refund is available. Daycare Owl’s fees are non-refundable.

If a is booking canceled more than 1 week before the service begins, a 50% refund is available. Daycare Owl charges 100% of the fees, 1 hour prior to booking start time.

Daycare Owl cancellation and refund policy does not apply to invoiced recurring spots and payments. Please refer to individual daycare policy, contract, or handbook for cancellation and refund terms, if any.

4. Cancellation by Daycare

If a Licensed Care Provider cancels a on-demand prior to or during the service period identified in the booking, Daycare Owl will refund the fees paid by the Legal Guardian for services not provided. Only stripe payments are protected. Cancellations on cash and check payment are NOT COVERED by Daycare Owl.

Any service charge paid to Daycare Owl by the Legal Guardian, and Licensed Care Provider will not be entitled to any payment which has been refunded to the Legal Guardian in accordance with this policy . Licensed child care providers pay a 3% fee processing fee on cancelled on-demand bookings. There is no charge for cash and check cancellations.

If you are a Licensed Care Provider, you acknowledge that repeated cancellation by you may result in a review of your account and, if we deem it appropriate, suspension or termination of your access to the DaycareOwl.com and the related services.

For immediate assistance cancelling a reservation please email us at support@daycareowl.com

5. Year end reporting

Year end and monthly reports automatically generated for parents, for fast FSA and tax reporting.

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