Covid-19 Response

Licensed Child Care Workers Are Essential Employees

Find the daycare that’s right for you. We are helping daycares find like minded consumers to help curb the spread of Covid-19. Daycare Owl allows daycares to list their Covid-19 policies in their profiles, and parents can also filter by specifics that are important to them in our amenities feature. Home based already have small group sizes, and we are providing them tools and know how to create small community based teaching pods that are the right fit for parents with children of all ages, just search by age group and distance learning filter. There is a daycare that is right for you. 

To find a child care facility near you that is following Covid-19 policies, please register for a free Daycare Owl parent account. This will allow you to see complete information about the daycare,  including contact info, bookable spots, and forms. Licensed child care facilities follow state and county guidelines for Covid-19. Please refer to your county to see what the current guidelines are in your area. 

Register for free to see daycare contact info. Search by city and state, then select the following Covid-19 filters:

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