Stop Price Fixing in Licensed Childcare

Childcare is failing because ”Agencies” won’t allow childcare providers to have a free market.

Daycare Owl is now working with the support of County officials in California to overhaul the entire childcare eco system. Daycare Owl is supporting the community launch of new childcare facilities and giving childcare providers the tools, resources, and visibility they need to succeed.

We help parents find affordable and flexible child care.

We are here to improve and expedite the current subsidized care system.

Childcare providers are in the dark. Childcare facilities rely on referral agencies that distribute subsidized care funds. Providers are instructed to hide their rates and be reliant on state assigned agencies in order to keep subsidized rates low. State agencies make it difficult for private pay parents to find child care. Agencies discourage providers from sharing their rates publicly. This keeps the price of state subsidized care low. Private pay childcare is MUCH more expensive than subsidized care. Childcare providers cannot financially survive as a business solely on state subsidized care.
When providers publicly show their open spots and rates online they earn more money. When provided with the choice, an overwhelming majority of facilities would not have spots for subsidized care. States would have to raise the amount of money they distribute for subsidized care or create more Headstart programs. The child care industry is being financially suppressed by state agencies that guide them to earning less than a livable wage. BREAK FREE with
Daycare Owl was created by a child care provider (CEO and Co-Founder Akriti Srivastava) to lift and support other providers. At Daycare Owl we are working directly with facility owners to create change.

“The childcare industry is the largest women-owned and led sector. Rarely are women provided the space to create, innovate and inspire. This movement of men and women advocating for change has reached a peak due to the restrictions of the pandemic on childcare. We are inventing systems that bring digital transformation that is critical for our sector. Our movement embodies resilience, strength, and courage to be able to withstand an environment that systemically disempowers women across the country. I am grateful to be part of this movement where we are reinventing the wheel and allowing small business owners to retain ownership and a path towards generational wealth that will transform childcare.”

Janna Rodriguez, Director and Owner at Innovate Daycare Corp

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The power of technology can revive and improve the child care industry. Contact us today to see what Daycare Owl can do for your area.

Daycares with hourly and full-time open spots on Daycare Owl right now.

Alarcon Family Child Care in Long Beach, CA
Hourly Care for $6.81 per hour
All things Elite Daycare near Long Island, NY
Overnight Care for $8.72 per hour
Angelic Minds in Bowie, MD
Full-time care for $6.89 per hour
Haley’s Childcare in Redlands, CA
Daily Care for $5.25 per hour
Miss Aquila’s in Long Beach, CA
Weekend Care for $4.64 per hour
Daycare Owl is free to register for parents and licensed child care providers.

Child Care For All

Daycares = early childhood education.

Daycares are where children learn ABCs and build emotional intelligence. Confidence, self-soothing, empathy, sharing, team work and more are all learned at early childhood facilities. Children who do not attend early childhood education are more likely to drop-out of high-school, become a teenage parent, or commit a crime.

Daycares have traditionally operated on a contractual basis and are businesses that are licensed by the state. Most daycares rely on state entities to fill their daycares, but most parents do not use state resources to find child care. Instead, they turn to the internet. Most daycares are not online as most child care platforms are setup for babysitters and nannies.

Breaking the Cycle

Daycare Owl was created just for licensed child care providers. Daycare Owl is helping to bridge the growing gap between parents and licensed child care providers. We give providers the tools they need to be more competitive by offering secure bookings for hourly and daily care.

Most parents cannot or do not need to afford a full week of child care. The Daycare Owl platform enables parents to purchase just a few hours or a few days of child care instead. This allows parents to go back to school, work part-time, improve their circumstances, and break the cycle. We help bring more children into early childhood education. Our platform helps women do more and families thrive. More providers will be successful with Daycare Owl. We can create more college degrees and less gun violence.

Register for free today!

A platform with a cause

Lack of access to affordable childcare is crippling the economy. It certainly holds minorities and single parents back. Daycare Owl is here to fix this socio-economic issue with technology.

Our goal is to bridge the growing gap between parents and licensed child care providers by helping parents find care in real-time for free. Daycare Owl has given daycares the capability to segment the full week into hourly slots. Daycares can also offer special weekend care, overnight care, evening care, and more.

Daycares are the most affordable childcare choice because they operate on an economy of scale. Increased and consistent business keeps daycare rates low.

The world of affordable and available child care has just expanded with Daycare Owl. We can’t wait to see the difference it makes in the lives of children, mothers, fathers, providers, employers, and the economy as a whole. 

Welcome to the child care revolution!

On-demand and recurring care with Daycare owl.

Care that meets the needs of parents.

On-Demand Care: Parents can book one-time spots on an hourly, daily and weekly basis. This is ideal for parents who want flexible child care with no contracts. They can take that unexpectedly available work shift!

Recurring Care: Pay directly on a weekly basis or for one-time charges like deposits. Set-up auto pay and never miss a payment. Ideal for parents who have consistent recurring care on a full-time or part-time care. Pay with ACH, credit card, cash or check.

Daycare Owl is partnering with Neurona Health to give childcare facilities behavioral health tools and trainings.

Force of Nature and Daycare Owl have partnered to improve the standards in the licensed childcare industry. This means no more toxic chemicals around our children that can cause asthma and other respiratory issues. 

Daycare Owl Watch dog
Report incidents to the Childcare watch dog

Child Care Watchdog

Daycare Owl and DC Insurance Services want to give providers a voice. We want to unify child care providers. Enough is enough. Child care providers deserve the same rights, benefits, and protection as any other business owner.

Join the Childcare Revolution!

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